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3 @ A Time by Diptendu Sekhar Chakraborty
18 Via Teen by Shreyasi Rhittika
03:02 by Mainak Dhar
7 Secrets of Shiva by Devdutt Pattanaik
10 Indian Women Who Were The First To Do What They Did by Shruthi Rao

A Bipolar's Journey by Vijay Nallawala
Ancient Chants for Modern Living by Aatmanika Ram
A Road Not Traveled by J Alchem
AB de Villiers- The Autobiography by AB de Villiers
All Signs Lead Back To You by Aniesha Brahma
A Bride, A Murder & A Trail Of Blood by Laxmi Natraj
Against All Odds by Danielle Steel
Awaken by Ashok K Banker
A Broken Sun by AdityaIyengar

Bliss of Dark Solitude by Amitava Chaudhuri
Ba'az of the Bengal Lancers by Uttiyo Bhattacharya
Beast by Krishna Udayasankar

Cult Of Chaos by Shweta Taneja
Chronicler of the Undead by Mainak Dhar
Corpokshetra by Deepak Kaul
Changing Places by Anne K Edwards
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Dissent by Deepak Kaul
Dominick And The Dragon by Anne K Edwards

Envisage by Jaydeep Khot
Eye of the Eagle by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay


Faith of the Nine by Sachin Dev
False Ceilings by Amit Sharma
Freedom from the I by Shashank Kasliwal


Hopebreaker by Dean F. Wilson
Half A Shadow by Anurag Shourie
History Revisited by Nishant Joshi
Hemingway In Love by A.E. Hotchner
How To Steal A Ghost @ Manipal by Shweta Taneja
Half The Night Is Gone by Amitabha Bagchi

It's Not About You by Ratna Vira
I Am Thunder by Muhammad Khan




Milan (A Wedding Story) by Simi K. Rao
Monkeys, Motorcycles and Misadventures by Harsha
My Dream Man by Aditi Bose
My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari
My Journey With Vadapav by Venkatesh Iyer
Mothering A Muslim


Operation India One by Shiv Kumar
Of Swans and Songs by Rohini Paranjpe Sathe

Play Infinity by Sondra Faye
Pupil's President Kalam
Principally Yours by Bubloo Sen
Panorama by Shilpi Chaklanobis
Padmavat by Purushottam Agarwal
Pops! by Balaji Venkataramanan

Rau - The Grat Love Story of Bajirao Mastani by N.S. Inamdar

Silence and Sound by Namitha K
Songs of a Solitary Tree by Arun M Sivakrishna
Shiva in the City of Nectar by Preetha Rajah Kannan
Scarlet Nights by Mayur Patel
Summer Secrets by Jane Green
Sinatra: Behind the Legend by J. Randy Taraborrelli
Stories of Work, Life & The Balance In Between by Tomson Robert
Son Of Shiva by Preetha Rajah Kannan
Shakuni - Master of the Game by Ashutosh Nadkar

The Dust Will Answer by Richard Risemberg
The Thirteenth Day by Aditya Iyengar
The Guardians of the Halahala by Shatrujeet Nath
The Birth of the Pill by Jonathan Eig
The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal
The Secret Diary Of Kasturba by Neelima Dalmia Adhar
The Conspiracy At Meru by Shatrujeet Nath
The Peshwa by Ram Sivasankaran
This Was A Man by Jeffrey Archer
The Curse Of Mohenjodaro by Maha Khan Phillips
The Party Worker by Omar Shahid Hamid
The Princess of a Whore House by Mayank Sharma
The Width of the World by David Baldacci
The Women of Baker Street by Michelle Birkby
the Girl Who Loved A Pirate by Kulpreet Yadav
The Matsya Curse by Shweta Taneja
The Double-X Factor by Pratap Nair
The Liar's Weave by Tashan Mehta
Tell Tale by Jeffrey Archer
Tree Bears Witness by Sharath Komarraju
The Vengeance of Indra by Shatrujeet Nath
The Temple Bar Woman by Sujata Parashar
The Peshwa: War of the Deceivers by Ram Sivasankaran
The Birth of Kali by Anita Sivakumaran
The Silent Witness by Anuradha
The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma
The Lies We Tell by Himanjali Sankar
The Prince by Samhita Arni


When I Fell In Love With Life by Geetha Paniker
Wreath And Other Stories by Sangeeta Mahapatra
Who Owns That Song - The Battle for Subramania Bharati's Copyright by A.R. Venkatachalapathy


X Factor, Confessions of a Naive Fashion Model by Ivan Sivec


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