Monday, May 9, 2016

Blog Tour: The Mastered Series by K.L. Silver

K.L. (Karen) Silver writes erotica, erotic romance and psycho-sexual thrillers. She adds a unique psychological element which keeps the reader (hopefully YOU) turning pages long past his/her bedtime. (Yes, men like it too…)

Published in 2015, MASTERED is KL's first novel.  In conjunction with its sequel, TRUSSED - The MASTERED Saga is complete.  This Dominant/submissive love story has reached as high as #24 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List and is nominated for Best Erotica Novel, 2016 (Golden Flogger Awards)

If you prefer your erotica FANTASTICAL and KNOTTY, her ANGEL KNOTT SEX-tology fits the bill beautifully.

THE NAUGHTY (and NAUGHTIER) ADVENTURES OF ANGEL KNOTT defies description. (Think horny Rapunzel set loose on an unsuspecting world…) Angel offers a ‘mission statement’ of sorts:  “You shall laugh until you cry, and then – you shall masturbate!” (Watch for a cross-over character to Mastered (wink, wink)

Currently, KL is working on her upcoming novel,FALLEN, due for release next month. (June, 2016).  An erotic thriller set against a backdrop of elite gymnastics, this bone-chilling (and sexy) adventure promises to keep the reader (hopefully YOU) - BALANCED on the edge of his/her seat.

A little about K.L Silver, the person…
Raised in central Canada, K.L. left home and country at the age of fourteen to train for the Olympics at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Eugene, Oregon.  From her unique perspective of a Canadian who’d lived in the United States (twice), she blogged the 2012 US election from start to finish.  Often, her hard-hitting articles sparked conversations which garnered hundreds of comments.
She has won numerous awards for her writing and is a member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild.
Her interests are far-reaching and eclectic, from erotica to politics, from true crime to country music, from word games to human nature.  She equates yoga with sanity.

MASTERED (Book 1 of 2, The MASTERED Saga)
The first novel of The MASTERED Saga offers titillating insight into the psychology behind a Dominant/submissive relationship.  Told through the eyes and hearts of lovers JAMES COLTON and MISSY WEAVER, MASTERED is a sexy, kinky, and eye-opening pilgrimage that will leave you rethinking what polite society considers ‘taboo’.

MEET MISSY: Missy always knew she was different. Deeply submissive but terrified of being labelled deviant, she suppresses her true nature. In its place she constructs a socially acceptable half-life where she exists in militant self-denial.
That is, until fate intervenes...

MEET JAMES: Dominant to the bone, James recognizes Missy as innately as a lion identifies the gazelle to be cut from the herd. Easily, he penetrates her well-honed facade. What he finds inflames his imagination and effectively ends three years of mourning and self-imposed celibacy.
This unique story line will keep you whet, wanting, and excited to turn the next page. In the end, MASTERED will have you BEGGING for more.
That's where TRUSSED comes in...

TRUSSED (Book 2 of 2, The MASTERED Saga)

The second and final novel of The MASTERED Saga picks up the erotic reins right where MASTERED left them, then proceeds to gallop straight off the ledge of mystery and suspense.
After an epic breach of BDSM protocol, MISSY must earn back JAMES’ trust. Envisioning the hoops he will devise for her to jump through whets her submissive appetite - among other things.  Born yin to his Yang, she is eager to meet - and exceed - every salacious challenge.
James adores his 'little one'. Miserable without her, he disregards time-honored BDSM precepts and forgives her trespasses. The fact that he's also to blame has no bearing on his deliciously deviant game plan.  He puts Missy through her submissive paces, to the carnal delight of all concerned.
Yet, all is not as it appears. As the two lovers reconnect, a malevolent storm is brewing - patiently watching, waiting, and plotting its revenge. When Missy finds herself at the mercy of a madman, every minute counts.
Her shocking plight will have the hair on your neck standing at attention - in more ways than one!
The surprise ending will have you reaching for tissues and wanting for more!

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