Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flash Fiction: Open Challenge

Open Challenge

Instant death. That’s what I’ve been craving since the hour I’ve been forced into my solitary confinement. It’s a dank room with a single boarded up window and no ventilation. I haven’t had the fortune of seeing the sun for days. What wouldn’t I do for just a sliver of sunshine! There’s no light even. The bulb holder is empty for all I know.

I’m not particularly allergic to dust, having spent most of my life in wilderness, but this dusty room has rendered me wheezy. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had anything to eat since a long time. There was some food upon my arrival but that was that. It seems my captors have all but forgotten about me. I had expected instant execution upon capture or at least by sunrise. But it has been days now. I don’t know how long exactly. You lose count of the minutes and hours once you’ve been shoved into a prison fashioned out of meshed iron. All I know is that my insides are screaming in agony and I’m trying hard to not claw at my parched throat. Survival is neither a necessity nor a desire at this juncture. All I crave for is oblivion. Or food and drink. Whichever I’m offered first.

I’m ashamed of my groveling thoughts. Never in my entire life have I been rendered so pathetic a creature like now. Death or food! I laugh insanely at the two oddities I wish for. My weakened brain can all but think about the basic animal instincts of hunger and existential crisis. So much for evolution and whatnot!

It seems I am the sole occupant here in this prison. I had tried to create a ruckus and draw the attention of my captors initially. That was a huge mistake. I had hoped for execution but these people were in a mood to torture me. They threw boiling water at me. I squirmed and ran to the edge for cover. I had avoided the majority part of this inhuman treatment but couldn’t avoid getting scalded some. Now I’ve blisters on my back.

The man who had attacked me had chuckled at my pitiful whimper. He was a sadist no doubt. Before leaving, he had tried to hit me with a cane. Ironically, the meshed design of the prison had stopped any harm to come to me. I had tried to laugh at him but managed only to squeak out a single syllable. He mistook it for a groan and left in a hurry.

Since then no one has come to visit me. I think they want me to die of hunger and thirst. Have these people grown a conscience or what? If I died on my own, my death wouldn’t be on them. Not literally anyway. Some humans are superstitious like that. I won’t give them that satisfaction. No Sir, not I. I’ll fight till the end and remain alive. I’ll force them to kill me in cold blood. I want them to look me in the eye when they murder me. I’ll haunt them as long as possible. My family will avenge my death. They’ll make sure that these people have a very difficult life.

It’s war. It’s us against them. And I’ll leave an indelible mark. I’ve clawed the carpet and gnawed the wood that was sticking inside my cell. Come on humans, show me what you’re made of. You are but a few and we can match you four to one any given day.

Remember, it’s Rats Vs Humans.

© Jonali Karmakar

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