Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Review: A Broken Sun by Aditya Iyengar

Title: A Broken Sun

Author: Aditya Iyengar

Publisher: Rupa

Aditya Iyengar’s ‘Á Broken Sun’ takes up the thread of the story where he had left it off — two years ago — in the prequel to this book, ‘The Thirteenth Day.’ This new book is the second installment of a proposed trilogy.

In Iyengar’s version of the great epic, the characters are no demigods and there’s nothing fantastical about the story. He has successfully humanized these superheroes of yore and dragged them down from their pedestals. With this, grief; regret; and loneliness form the backdrop of the greatest Indian family’s internal rivalry as thousands are slayed at the battle field and still thousands await their execution.

The story opens with Arjuna lamenting the death of his young son and steeling his nerves for what is to come. As the story progresses, Yudhishthira can be seen trying to keep his family from falling apart. On the other hand, Guru Drona and Radheya are desperately trying to bring the war to an end. Bhisma, no longer wishing to be called thus, realizes that all he is worth now is giving out blessings.
Iyengar writes beautifully and one can see the way his writing has blossomed over the years. He has successfully written an evocative novel that captures the uncertain, unmoored feelings of people fighting for their rights. The way Arjuna tries to come to terms with the death of his son, with the help of the latter’s ethereal presence, this story is also about seeking hope and finding beauty even in one’s darkest hours.

Poignant and intense, Iyengar’s version of the Great War is powerful and thought provoking just as the original. I’m certainly looking forward to reading the last installment from him. 

Aditya Iyengar writes novels, screenplays, poetry and advertising copy. His previous books include The Thirteenth Day and Palace of Assassins. He enjoys writing mythological and historical fiction, and epic fantasy novels.
He divides his time between Delhi and Mumbai.

I'd like to thank the publisher for letting me review the book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

* I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
** Picture courtesy:, Rupa

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