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Blog Tour: Grow Up Messy! by Paromita Goswami

Title: Grow Up Messy!
Author: Paromita Goswami
Publisher: Ficus India


Childhood is considered to be the best time of one’s life. What if you get a chance to live it once more with a five-year-old? 

Misry, a naughty five-year-old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo-Bangladesh border. But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely. She tries to befriend some local village kids. But they find her incompetent in their rural antics. They nickname her Messy as most of the time she messes up their plan. Can Misry really be a part of the gang? 
Set in the early eighties, join Misry in the adventures of her life.

Fun Facts About The Characters:

Madhavi is a Bengali lady from a middle class family. She is born and brought up in a small town on the outskirts of Howrah in a very secure and loving atmosphere. She has an elder brother, elder sister and a younger sister. Her father is a professor of Botany and her mother is a housewife. Her marriage to Anurag, a B.S.F officer introduced her to an entirely different lifestyle that she had neither dreamt of nor seen before. Nevertheless, she succeeded in adapting the new lifestyle of being a military man’s wife which was more or less full of uncertainty and waiting. She discovered another side of her personality where she is the actual storehouse of strength for her man who has responsibilities beyond his family needs to attend to. There is also a different avatar of her as an officer’s wife where she has to motivate the soldier’s wife’s to be self reliant and confident as a part of the welfare association programs. When Misry walked into her life, it was an entirely different experience for her. Mothering a naughty little girl was not easy. There were times when she even competed with the Head Cook of the Langar to win her child back.

Anurag is a B.S.F officer who knows how to balance between his personal life and his duties towards his job which is more demanding. When he had married Madhavi, Anurag wasn’t sure how she would match up with his lifestyle.  However, under the spell of his love she had settled  in no time and metamorphosed into an officer’s wife who knew very well  how to control her emotions.  Anurag made sure she was always well taken care. Therefore he always made arrangements beforehand when  he might not be around for some time. When Misry announced her arrival he knew he was going to miss part of her growing up years because of his nature of job. So he made sure that whenever he spent time with her it would always be a memorable moment for both of them. Watching the night sky together laying in a cot in the courtyard or telling her adventure stories from his own life during bed time or always considering her opinion above all were some points Anurag never missed. He knew raising a kid was not an easy job when he himself was not present always on several occasions. So he had his own ways of incorporating values and discipline in his naughty daughter that she adored and obeyed him without any second thoughts.  There were several occasions in the book when Misry’s endeavour  made Anurag doubted if he was a good father or not.

Misry the main character of the book is just like any other child but with a difference that she is quite naughty. However, her innocence wins over  all heart. She maybe just five year old but loves to befriend boys older than her. Tomboy as she is, she  gets into serious trouble with  other boys in school and it is really interesting to watch how she comes out of such situation. Her  little pranks can drive anyone crazy. Like an episode  of Bheeru, the child from the village, where Misry lures him with a dairy milk chocolate to get back into the children’s gang but actually ends up somewhere else. Her  funny fights with her cousin Raju is another hilarious moment.  Grow Up Messy! is all  about being a child.

Surbhi, Madhavi’s elder sister and Raju’s mother is another character to watch out for. I especially like her more. She is a home maker and lives in Kolkata with her husband and younger son, Raju.  A middle aged lady who is more focused on getting worried rather than  finding solutions. There is no doubt that we all have come across one such character once in a life our family. One who is disdained to worry for everyone else in the family. Surbhi is one such character in the book loving nicknamed as Chintamani. Though she doesn’t have much role in the book but it is great to watch out for her. I am sure to give her a good role in the sequence.

Dadu and Dida, Misry’s grandparents, Madhavi’s parents. Just like any other grandparents they also love to shower their love upon their grandchildren. There are some hilarious and touching moments in the book when Misry comes to visit them.  How life is so different in this sleepy town of Ashoknagar is definitely to look out for in the book.

About the Author:

Paromita Goswami is a writer and storyteller by passion and a rebel by choice. She says the world is full of stories and as a writer she loves to pen them down. Her work is not genre specific. From literary fiction to children book to upcoming paranormal thriller and women fiction, Paromita Goswami‘s books offer the variety of life to her readers. Grow Up Messy! is her second book. She debuted in 2015 with Shamsuddin’s Grave, a literary fiction. Besides writing, she is also the founder of reading club that enhances book reading habit in children. She lives in central India with her family.


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Book Review: The Party Worker by Omar Shahid Hamid

Title: The Party Worker
Author: Omar Shahid Hamid
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India


Pakistani police officer-cum-novelist Omar Shahid Hamid delivers yet another gritty account of politics and its associated evils. ‘The Party Worker’ as such focuses on corruption and duplicity along with some sordid but keen insights into winning and maintaining power in the big bad world of politics.

It all begins with the murder of a Jewish woman on the steps of the Natural History Museum in New York. A committed NYPD detective picks up the case with the intention of solving it. He sets his eyes on a self-exiled Pakistani politician by the name of Mohammad Ali Pichkari. Disparate lives are thrown together for the purpose of bringing about the downfall of this man who, as it turns out, is the uncrowned king of Karachi. A burnt out New York cop; an octogenarian Parsi businessman sitting in a decaying Karachi mansion; an unconscionable hatchet-man whose days are numbered; a journalist who dreams of the big time — who brings about the downfall of Pichkari and how, forms the crux of this maelstrom of a novel.

The writing is easy to follow. Hamid’s characterizations call for rounds of applauds. His are not two-dimensional figures devoid of nuance; rather these are believable characters and seem to be drawn closely from real-life people. The pace is wonderfully set and is sure to keep readers glued to the pages.

An astutely written and well-crafted work. Just the thing for politics junkies and journalism buffs.

About the Author:

Omar Shahid Hamid has been a police officer in Pakistan for sixteen years and is a senior member of the Karachi Police's Counter Terrorism Department. In 2011, following an attack on his offices by the Pakistani Taliban, he took a five-year sabbatical to write books and worked as a political risk consultant. He has been widely quoted and regularly featured in major news outlets like The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Le Monde, DW, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, BBC, France24, Radio France and NPR. His first novel, The Prisoner (2013), was long listed for the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2015 and is now being adapted for a feature film. His second novel is The Spinner’s Tale (2015). In 2016, Omar returned to active duty as a Counter Terrorism Officer.

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I'd like to thank the author for letting me review his novel. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

* I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Blog Tour: Crescent Vendetta by Desiree L. Scott

Crescent Vendetta - Book 1 of the Vendetta Series
By Desiree L. Scott
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Crescent Vendetta Cover Front.jpg
WTMO Synopsis Banner Final.jpg

Wolf-shifter Vanessa Burns has survived a life of brutality and neglect. Being kidnapped, drugged, and forced into an underground fighting ring is just the beginning of one man’s sick and twisted obsession.
Travis Kameron, the Alpha of the Crescent Ice Pack, suffering a similar fate, wakes up to find his life is about to be irreparably changed by the fierce she-wolf in the next cage.
Can they put aside old rivalries and the past and work together to not only survive and escape but to weather the storm of complications, revenge, and betrayals waiting for them on the outside?

WTMO Buy Links Banner Final.jpg

Crescent Vendetta - Book 1 of the Vendetta Series

WTMO Excerpt Banner Final.jpg
The sounds of howling, growling, and whimpering grew louder drawing his attention away from his intriguing and captivating companion and bowl of slop at his feet.
He returned his focus back to the sound of the crowd screaming that could be heard even through the thick walls. He looked towards the door and then back at her.
“How long does the medication last before you can shift?”
Silence, and then she sighed as her gaze shifted over to the door as well.
“I don’t know. They keep the drugs coming.”
“How long have you been here?”
Travis tried to think of anyone who had gone missing but drew a blank.
“How soon until they return again?”
Her eyes glowed as they went from the door to him, but she answered through their link, a link that was growing stronger.
“Anytime now. They seem to have the effective time span of the serum down pat.”
Just as she finished with that thought, he heard footsteps outside the door, followed by loud cursing and something falling to the ground with a clank.
Travis lay back down, his thoughts racing. How the hell were they going to get out of this?

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Crescent Vendetta Teaser 2.jpg
WTMO Author Bio Banner Final.jpg
Desiree L. Scott.jpg

Desiree L. Scott has been writing since she was sixteen years old. There have been many influences within her life that has set her on the path that she cannot help but walk. A few of those influences consist of Karen Rose, Lisa Gardener, Nora Roberts, Cynthia Eden, Catherine Anderson, Laura Griffin, Andrea Kane, and Lisa Jackson, just to name a few. This list by no means defines my own writing but they have indeed influenced her desire to live outside of her own world and to create the thrill of her dreams.
Desiree lives on 40 + acres in the SHOW ME state with her ten-year old daughter, with the wonderful addition of four dogs. The weather is unpredictable, but the surrounding beauty of the country helps her creativity as she sits on her top deck with her laptop and coffee close by.

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Blog Tour: Falling Forever by Victoria Monroe

Falling Forever.png

Get your copy today!


Ashe and Emerson crashed into one another like two falling stars destined to collide . . . Sexy as hell, Ashe Bennett doesn't tie himself to anything or anyone. Emerson Parker is beautiful, strong, and determined to keep Ashe away from her heart. When determination is strong, but flesh is weak, Emerson may be the one chain Ashe refuses to break. . . . but will their fire explode and burn out? Or will they become one star burning brighter together than they ever did apart?


"It's really hard not to get completely sucked into the story right from the beginning."


Victoria Monroe is giving away a signed paperback copy of Falling Forever to one lucky winner!! Sign up today! (US shipping only)

about the author

Victoria Monroe was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of arts degree in English literature. She and her husband relocated a few times within the state. She favors the Pittsburgh region, where she had her son and daughter. After a ten-year career in corporate retail, she resigned, allowing her the ability to raise her children and write. Victoria loves spending time with her family. She loves music, reading and being outdoors – from the mountains to the beach and everything in between. Watching the sunrise and sunset are some of her favorite things to do. She always looks for a reason to laugh.

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Blog Tour: Boys, Toys - Oh My Vol 2 by A.M. Willard

Boys, Toys - Oh My Vol 2
By A.M. Willard
Genre: Romance

Is this what my life has become… Selling novelty items to couples…

I walked away from it all - the job, and the guy because he thought I was a stripper… The problem, I still want the guy, and I still blush at the word penis. Not as much, but the heat still rises when I stop to think about what I’m saying.

Yes, this is my new life and I have to find the confidence to live it like I own it.

I knew allowing her to walk away that night was a mistake… Now I have to find a way to show that I truly care about her, and maybe then she’ll understand that I can’t live my life without her.

The problem is she only wants to be friends, if that’s the only way I get her then it’ll have to be enough.



****4.6 OUT OF 5 STARS***

“Laugh Out Loud Five Star Read!” ~ Iowa Gal

“Can’t go wrong with this book!” ~ Angi DeMonti

“Awesome funny read :)” ~ Caz

“Sweet, funny Rom-Com” ~ Xkoqueen

“Ohmigod...You need to One-Click now!!” ~ pb loves to read

Grab book one while it’s on sale for .99¢
(limited time)

Boys,Toys-OhMy cover.jpg

About the Author
International Bestselling Author, A.M. Willard resides in Savannah, Georgia. She joined the Peach State many years ago after leaving the crystal blue waters and sugary white sand behind from the Panhandle of Florida. She's also known for being a wife, mother, and caretaker for her farm animals. A.M. loves anything sassy, glittery, and is a sucker for the Hallmark Channel. That last one might be the reason she believes in soulmates or it could be because she married her high school sweetheart almost twenty years ago.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review: The Curse Of Mohenjodaro by Maha Khan Phillips

Title: The Curse of Mohenjodaro
Author: Maha Khan Phillips
Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Maha Khan Phillips’ The Curse of Mohenjodaro is an evocative, meandering tale that creates an intriguing milieu. There are familiar elements in this story — an archaeological dig, people dying in a mystery fire, an ancient civilization, a fanatical cult, a super-successful writer of teen horror, a blond assassin, a discovery that hints at an adventure — but they are synthesized in a fresh way in this keenly observed, quietly powerful novel.
It all begins with a university-backed excavation at Mohenjodaro, when the young intern, Layla, apparently blows up the entire team. Later she goes missing and it is up to Nadia to go looking for her missing half-sister. Along the way she picks up Liam, Layla’s teammate from the expedition. Together they set out to look for the missing sister. Then there’s Jaya — a girl who frequents Nadia’s dream. She is undoubtedly connected to the Mohenjodaro mystery.
The narrative of the book is such that it goes back and forth between two time frames. But there is nothing that confuses the reader. The material is enhanced by the author’s well-realized rendition of time and place. Khan Phillips’ detailed world-building provides plenty of insight into the world of 3800 BC Mohenjodaro. The flow of the events makes it a page turner with a decent plot and good characterization. There isn’t really anything I can fault about the book and I’d recommend it as a must read for 2017. 

About the Author:

Maha Khan Phillips is a multiple award-winning financial journalist and the author of Beautiful from This Angle and the Mystery of the Aagnee Ruby. She grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. She has a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations and a master’s degree in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent at Canterbury. In 2006, she completed a master’s degree in Creative Writing from City University in London, where she currently lives with her husband and son.

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I'd like to thank the author for letting me review the book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

* I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Book Review: My Journey With Vadapav by Venkatesh Iyer

Title: My Journey With Vadapav
Author: Venkatesh Iyer
Publisher: TV18 Broadcast Limited (CNBC TV18) 


Once in a while, you come across a personality who will make you wonder about the life you have lived — about everything you have learnt and done; and this thought process might trigger a self introspection of your being. Venkatesh Iyer is one such personality. ‘My Journey With Vadapav’ is his account of his life that specifically focuses on his rise as the ‘vadapav king’ of India.
To those who know what a vadapav is, your tongue would have a neat number done on it already with the mere mention of the word. To the uninitiated, suffice it to say that it is a slice of heaven served hot on a plate or sometimes just handed over unceremoniously without the associated fanfare. The presentation doesn’t matter because taste takes over all the other senses. It started out as a humble street food in several parts of India but is now regarded as one of the must-haves during the evening cravings. Easily accessible and similarly easy on the pocket, vadapav has carved for itself a niche in the food industry.
Venkatesh holds a similar view. This gets evident right from the onset and continues to do so with every page that you turn. There’s a frank openness in his voice. He confides in the reader all about his private life — every emotion, success, frustration, and humiliation associated with his ventures — very honestly and authentically. His earnestness in sharing what he thinks might be of use to the others comes across in every page. He admits to failures and shortcomings, evincing a passionate, come-what-may attitude toward life that precludes deep introspection and only concentrates on pursuing of one’s dreams.
There’s so much to glean from Venkatesh’s account of his journey. It’s an enjoyable ride through and through — a Tam-Bram boy made good, a regular neighborhood guy who rises to the top through sheer gumption and force of will. His is a success story that warranted a case study being taught all over the globe.

An easy yet exemplary read, I’d recommend it to all those who wish to achieve their dreams. Go grab a bite (pun intended). 

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About the Author:

Venkatesh Iyer is the Founder and CEO of Goli Vadapav, India’s largest national ethnic fast food chain.
From Finance to food, with over 15 years of experience in corporate finance and investment banking, Venkatesh Iyer has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs translate ideas into story boards using his unique strength of critical thinking, imagination and communication.
One fine day, he decided to change his course and create what was then called a very creative food revolution! His ultimate dream has been of “corporatization” of the humble Vada Pav and to see Vada Pav as a brand amongst the pizzas and burgers of the world. He’s a visionary par excellence who sees things beyond the obvious and it is this attitude that made his dream turn into reality!
He has been invited as an inspirational speaker and delivered more than 250 talks on Goli Vadapav story in India and abroad at various large entrepreneurial summits and business schools like Harvard, IMD Switzerland, ISB Hyderabad, etc.

I'd like to thank the author for letting me review the book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

* I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.