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Blog Tour : Velicious Part Two by Shelique Lize

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By: Shelique Lize
Publication Date: November 30th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance
* Velicious Part Two cannot be read as a stand alone.

Justice Labelle has lost too much in this war of monster and men, and it needs to stop now. After her run in with Erin, which left her lying in a hospital bed, black and bloody blue, Justice is no longer going to sit by and simply accept the twisted hand, that has been dealt. Especially since she now has superhuman powers, all thanks to her being a Doll. Her one and only passion– To get through College and practice law at a top tier firm, is fading from her grasp and its all because of Calvin, Dante, Vampyres and the Government. In fact the government has more secrets than kids have candy… And they’re all just as deadly as the enemies they hunt. But you know what? Justice has come up with her own master plan and heaven help the Vampyre, monster or human that gets in her way!



My phone beeped again, and before I was able to warn Angel, the twilight zone shattered. Within a blink of an eye, Nicolle disappeared from Audrina's side. Now she was behind Angel, grabbing her long, blonde hair. Too fast for me to comprehend, for anyone to really notice, Nicolle jerked her hand back. That sudden snag, bucked Angel's head back and Angel cried out as her whole body slammed to the hard ground. At first glance, the pull of Angel's hair didn't seem that rough, but the way Angel hit into the ground with a loud thwack confirmed the strength Nicolle had used.

I don't know when Nicolle had grabbed a knife, but she had one in her hand, and she swung her arm, aiming it at Angel's head. But Angel was able to shift, and Nicolle missed her head by inches. Then, without missing a beat, Angel grabbed the sides of Nicolle's head and brought up her knees, ramming them into Nicolle's face. It was a hard hit, and Nicolle fell backwards, her face bleeding.
Like an off switch, Nicolle cried out, holding her face as blood poured out from in-between her fingers. Her demeanor seemed to have gone back to normal. We were back in the twilight zone.
Jordan rushed toward Angel, helping his girlfriend up off the ground. Everyone was looking at Nicolle, cautious and confused.
Nicolle sat up awkwardly, holding her face as blood gushed out on her top, landing on her jeans and dripping on the ground. I looked at Nicolle, feeling sorry for her, and against Jordan’s protests, I helped Nicolle up.
Nicolle didn't know what had happened, but standing up, she removed her hands from her face. Nicolle's brows pulled together, and she looked down at her hands. Her palms were stained red and black with blood.
Nicolle gazed at her hands and asked, "Why am I bleeding?"
And no, that was not the right question. The question should have been, “Why is your blood black?”
In the seconds that followed, Nicolle fell to the ground unconscious. Before I think to call for help, Jessica was there, and took control of the situation. Jessica turned to my friends and I, requesting that we help with Nicolle.



Justice Labelle always had her life perfectly planned.

Her goals were to graduate from University and get into law school.

Then one day, Justice tried to kill herself.

Well, not her technically. It may have been her body, but those actions weren’t intentional and the suicidal thoughts were not hers. Or, so she keeps telling her therapist and family. Justice is afraid she’s losing her mind and just wants to forget everything. But when her best friend is murdered, another one is being mind-screwed by a Vampyre, and her ex is back in town, looking as scrumptious as ever and very suspicious, maybe she isn’t all that crazy!

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  Shelique Lize is an awesome mother of two beautiful baby girls, and a wife to the luckiest man on the planet. It took her five years to write Velicious Part One but once her first daughter was born, she decided to revisit the world that she had created. Falling in love with her characters all over again, she wanted to finish their story. Velicious Part Two was written in half the time. Shelique loves anything to do with the paranormal world. She’s a proud Canadian but dislikes winter. She prefers watching the snow falling beautifully from inside a warm home. Currently she likes to listen to The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey, and she’s pretty open to every other genre of music.
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