Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spotlight: Carrion by Jonathan R. Rose

About the Book

Carrion is about a world consumed by chaos. But in this world, you are not a desperate survivor hoping to outlast the bedlam; instead, you are the monster that caused it. Consumed by an insatiable hunger, a malevolent need to feed, you are the one from whom the masses flee. And because of you a group of barbaric men led by a fanatic with a gleaming badge fastened to his chest have banded together with the intention of hunting you and all those like you down. Follow in the footsteps of a fiend. See what he sees. Taste the flesh. Smell the decay. Suffer the anguish. Witness a massive city crumble under the weight of fear and hate and become hell. Whether engulfed in flames, or flooded by lakes of blood, all that remains are monsters and men, and the war that wages not only between them, but within themselves. 

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Praises for the book

"Here is a claustrophobic landscape of heaped flesh, ravenous vermin,and human monsters. Each body in Carrion is possessed by a maddening hunger that Jonathan R. Rose describes viscerally and graphically. What begins as a brutal, relentless effort to fill the stomach becomes another kind of ravenousness, one emotionally rooted but still debilitating. This novel is starvation captured on the page." 
- Alana I. Capria, author of Wrapped in Red and Hooks and Slaughterhouse 
"Unique and soul-shattering -- one of a kind." - Nicholas Morine, author of Punish the Wicked and Cavern

"Rose's powerful debut novel allows the reader to shadow a flesh-hungry monster in a post-apocalyptic world. The ghoulish protagonist has no bounds in his brutality, and yet he maintains a kind of innocence, causing one to question what is a monster and who is a hero. Rose's prose is exquisite and his compact narrative gratifyingly philosophical, bringing to mind Shelley's Frankenstein and Camus's The Stranger. I'm excited to read what Rose writes after Carrion. Enter the darkness if you dare."
David Massengill, author of Red Swarm.

About the Author

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, an Eastern suburb of Toronto, Jonathan R. Rose loved to learn, so, as is often the case with those who develop an obsession with learning, he grew bored with school. 

After finishing high school, he pursued several different dreams, none of which panned out. He then found a job at an upstart airline, which he loved, but due to that airline's negligence, he severely injured his back after his first year, and required surgery. It was during a year long convalescence that he rekindled his love for reading, a love that he lost over the course of his young adulthood. It was during that time, laying in bed, left with nothing else to do, that he devoured great literary works from the likes of Tolstoy, Cervantes, Dante, Balzac, Heller, Dostoyevsky, Marquez, Carpantier, Dumas, Hugo, and many many more. 

Blown away by the brilliant works of these masters, perhaps out of ego, perhaps out of boredom, perhaps out of some cabin-fevered delirium, Jonathan believed he could create similar works of art, and join their ranks. After finally recovering, Jonathan went back to work, and, after losing a year, travelled as much as he could in an attempt to make up for lost time, all the while, writing, daily, until he finished his first novel. He believed it was brilliant. It was shit. 

That didn't dissuade him however, and he kept writing, and keeps writing, every single day, and while it took him 7 years, and hundreds of rejections, from that first novel's completion, until his first published novel "Carrion," was released on November, 2015; it was over the course of those 7 years that Jonathan R. Rose grew up. He lost 2 more years due to 2 more back surgeries, but when he was able to walk (and sometimes when he barely could) he continued travelling as much as possible, visiting over 35 countries on 5 continents. After parting ways with the airline job, he left Canada and spent the majority of his time in Central Mexico, where he still finds himself, to focus entirely on his writing, which has flourished since that long drive south. 

Fuelled by anger and frustration at the world around him, Jonathan R. Rose has no interest in naive escapism, or in pretending things are getting better; instead, he creates stories that hold up the smudged, stained mirror of humanity and shows it a reflection it consistently refuses to acknowledge.


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