Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book Review - Fizz by Kannan

Title: Fizz
Author: Kannan
Pages: 240
Price: 195.00 INR
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Private Ltd. 

About the book

“Peace and Violence complement one another and both are undermined without the presence of the other.
Insecurity inspired by violence and devastation provides a business opportunity to those who live by selling killing machinery.
When the war of thousand cuts could not bring India to the negotiating table, let alone concede defeat, Pakistan’s ISI immediately grabs the opportunity to nuke India.

However, the common legacy shared by both countries had many Indians in Pakistan who played a vital role in its establishment.”


Kannan’s ‘Fizz’ is a political thriller spanning not just countries, but continents. The book covers a vast expanse starting from US to Switzerland to Peru to India to Pakistan to China to Afghanistan to many other countries. The plot revolves around terrorism and how every individual and every nation deals with it. The story starts with Syed Ashraf Pasha planning a deadly mission with his friend Borg. The idea behind the mission is to shake India and the entire world but not letting the blame land on themselves in any way. Enters Qadar Khan, father of Pak nukes. Together they plan to have a nuclear blast somewhere in Afghanistan near Pakistan border to shake the tectonic plates underneath the Himalaya. Instead of what has been planned, the mission goes sideways and new developments, unforeseen and misapprehended, takes the readers into the depths of world politics.
New characters and complex situations stretch the canvas significantly. This is when the book starts to feel a little confusing. Barring this flaw, the plot is good indeed. It is racy and packed with all sorts of thrill to keep the reader engrossed in the story. You need to read the novel to know how various nations responded to the purported nuclear attack intended to destabilize South Asia. It also answers the most important question, who actually detonates the device and what happens in the aftermath.

About the author

Kannan was born in a Tamil migrant family from Palakkad, Kerala. Born and brought up in Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh, he spent his childhood climbing the mountain formed from single rock and swimming in the wells used for agriculture. He became an engineer and is employed by an Aluminium manufacturer. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and son and leads a regular and boring life - which is why he started writing fiction. A person with strong opinions but no expectations from life, he became a spiritual atheist after witnessing the aftermath of the Latur earthquake. He spends his time mostly listening to music and playing chess online. He can be reached at

I'd like to thank the author for letting me review his book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading!

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