Saturday, October 8, 2016

Book Review: The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

Title: The Four Patriots
Author: Sumit Agarwal
Publisher: Rupa Publications


Sumit Agarwal’s ‘The Four Patriot’ starts with a vision of India in the year 2023. A new era has dawned and the old, crumbling country has finally emerged as Naya Bharat with vast changes. But there are forces who want to chain her down, who wish to see the country groveling in the dust again. Amidst this backdrop, the story propels and we are siphoned off to the past, to the year 2006, from where the journey initiated.
The book is divided into two sections. While the first section tells the story of the four protagonists who are the four pillars of Naya Bharat and of their tribulations, the second section is all about the transformation of our beloved country. Rising above and beyond the catchphrase — “is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta” — which seems to be the latest trend among the youth, the protagonists — Varun, Salman, Raghav and Aditya — embark on their journey to revolutionize the nation, seeking purpose and adventure.
Sumit’s use of multiple perspectives adds movement and richness to the novel but sometimes the device muddles the narrative. The book has pleasant propulsion as the thriller-esque plot churns along.
Loaded with action and driven by men of admirable qualities, this adventure is a great escape from reality. I’d recommend it to all those looking for a tightly knit neat package. 

About the Author:

Sumit Agarwal, MD, MLA Group of Industies, Kanpur is the founder of an NGO Prerna. He also founded Kasauti, a consortium of NGOs to aid clean and answerable politics. Apart from the fact that his first book “The Four Patriots” is being published by one of the leading publishing houses in the country, the story has already been adopted for a movie by a leading production house.
Sumit is also a music composer, lyricist, singer and writer. Two of his songs have been aired on MTV Indies this year. His music videos can be viewed on his Youtube Channel, Sumit Agarwal, or on his website An adept multi-tasker, he is a speaker on topics related to nation building, work life balance and multi-tasking.


Praise for the book:

1. Really amazing treatment of a subject which is our country’s need of the moment. Thrilling to the core, a must read. —Abhijeet Bhattacharya (Renowned Singer)
 2. It is heartening to know about “The Four Patriots” which inspires the youth and I’m confident that you will continue with this. —Akhilesh Yadav (Hon’ble CM Uttar Pradesh)
3. If you want India to become “Sone ki chiriya” again, then you must read this book and participate in the development of the country. —Om Puri (Veteran Film Actor)
4. Superb…bringing out realities of our times. I am sure this will be a hit for youth to guide them for a bright future in a brighter India. —C.M. Bhandari (Former Indian Ambassador to Cambodia, UAE, Poland & Lithuania. Yoga Author & Yog Guru)
5. A must read for people who love their country. —Bharat Kapoor (Film Actor)
6. It’s an amazing book, providing lots of insight into the prevailing condition in our country. It’s very spontaneous; it also shows that if you seek despair, you get despair but if you seek hope. There is definitely one. —Rakesh Bedi (Renowned TV Actor, Shrimaan Shrimati / Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi)
7. The country whose fate has not changed despite the J.P. and Anna Andolans. An eye opener, an inspiring and sumptuous read. All the best with lots of wishes. —Avtar Gill (Veteran TV Actor)

8. “The novel leaves the reader with a heightened sense of patriotism. It is an enthralling read.” —Saba Mahmood Bashir, (Author of I Swallowed the Moon: The Poetry of Gulzar)

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* I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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