Monday, January 18, 2016

Book Review: My Dream Man by Aditi Bose

Title: My Dream Man
Author: Aditi Bose
Pages: 203
Price: 200.00 INR
Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications


‘My Dream Man’ by Aditi Bose is a sweet, simple, easy and fast read. My first impression of this book— fun and quirky. I found it very tender and heartwarming. Reading it was like hearing one of my girlfriends talking about herself. Aditi describes everything so vibrantly that you can picture even the minutest detail in your mind! 
The story starts with the protagonist Ajopa Ganguly and her ranting. A struggling writer, she is reeling from the pains of her manuscript having been rejected by all publishers. She knows that making cupcakes and embroidering handkerchiefs is not her true calling. However, she is scared to write anymore and is losing focus. This is when Aniket Verma re-enters her life. He is a professor of economics who is well known in his circle. He's twelve years older to Ajopa. They had been good friends till a misunderstanding happened five years back. What happens when they meet again is what the story is all about. Read to explore the changing relationship between a professor and his student. 
The plot premise of this book isn’t its strong suit, but the story had me laughing and turning the pages. A bong trying to be a writer—it is something I could relate to being on the same boat and all. I don’t want to complain, but a little less straying/ranting would have done the story a little more justice. There aren’t many characters either, at least not fleshed out properly. Even between Ajopa and Aniket—the two protagonists—the narrative is the former heavy. I agree that the book is from her point of view, and yet there should have been more of the other characters too. Coming to the look of the book, I didn’t much like the cover. It is quite misleading in a sense. It hints at being an erotica which the book is not.
That being said, I do want to repeat myself that it is a good and light-hearted read that I enjoyed in spite of everything. Aditi has a flair for writing and her debut novel proves that. A chick lit through and through, I’m sure the book will find many readers.

About the author

A content writer and the author of an e-book for children, Aditi Bose is based in Delhi. She completed her MBA from the International Management Institute and is an alumna of Loreto House and St. Xaviers College. Hailing from a family of judges and lawyers, she is the first to pick up the pen. Stories her parents told her as a child and her passion for maintaining a personal diary and a travel journal inspired her to take up writing. You can join her by following her on Twitter (@aditi_bose) or liking her Facebook page (

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I'd like to thank author Aditi Bose for letting me review her book. I do hope you end up liking the book when you read it. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading!

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