Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spotlight: Think Like Einstein & Learn Like Einstein by Peter Hollins

Title: Think Like Einstein & Learn Like EinsteinAuthor: Peter HollinsPublisher: Jaico Publishing House

Book 1

Think Like Einstein

Think Like Einstein is the ultimate guide for improving your critical thinking skills and developing a sense of intuition and judgment. You will learn how to attack problems from a multitude of angles and generate solutions that previously seemed impossible. 

Learn how to:

• Master Einstein’s most effective thinking technique — the gedanken experiments
• Condition your brain to perform at its peak
• Become an idea machine and come up with creative solutions 
• Make smarter decisions quickly 
• Learn to intelligently interpret the world around you
And many more...

Book 2

Learn Like Einstein

If you’re looking to accelerate your learning abilities, improve your memory instantly, pick up new skills efficiently and fly through material and ace tests—the answers are right in front of you. Step-by-step methods and habits to train your brain. Learn Like Einstein is your perfect guide on using your brain to its fullest potential, just like Albert Einstein. 

Learn how to:

• Master memory techniques used by top experts 
• Achieve total concentration 
• Learn the art of perfecting any craft with better practice methods
• Discover how to read faster and retain important information 
• Learn faster and save your time
And many more...

Peter Hollins is a dedicated student of the human condition. He possesses a BS and MA in psychology and has worked with dozens of people from all walks of life. After working in private practice for years, he has turned his sights to writing and applying his years of education to help people improve their lives from the inside out.

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